HID Headlamps

Hi Guys… I really need the correct answer. I have a 2003 Lincoln LS Sport…so many problems(I will be sending additional questions) too little time. This car has High Intensity Discharge low beams. One went out. Reading the manual I discovered that this is dealer repaired item as it is too dangerous for common people. I took the car in. I get the car back (200$) and find that I now have one yellow light (new one) one pale blue (original). I called the dealership, and was told that they replaced the bad bulb with the stock original, and that the previous owner must have changed the bulbs (why oh why did they not look at the old bulb, realize that it was not stock and call me?)…so here are the specific questions…

1. Is this the same as a Xenon HID light? (Saw online that they are two different things)

2. How can I find out what my car was ‘stocked’ with? (Ford does not seem to want to share any of this information with me)

3. Did I pay too much for this? Found Xenon replacements on line for 50$ a pair.

4. If answers to the above prove that the dealer is blowing smoke up my ***, then where how do I find a trustworthy mechanic?

that’s it (for now… this lovely LS is one sick puppy!)

Thanks Alot… David

It is possible that the new lamp needs to age a little and may match the other after some time.  Other than that I have no idea.

Reading the manual I discovered that this is dealer repaired item

Reason #52 not to buy a car with HID lamps.

First, you need to find out if your car came from the factory with true High Energy Discharge headlamps… These don’t come in different colors. They are a type of arc lamp and require a special high-voltage inverter to power them. The Xenon lamps found on the internet and e-bay are just jazzed up halogen 12VDC lamps that try to imitate the “look” of HID lamps. In any case, headlamps should always be replaced in pairs, as they degrade over time and if you change just one, the light will be mismatched…

I agree with Caddyman. HID lamps use a high voltage arc rather than a hot filament to create light. The light color should not be that different. And HID systems require a modification to the circuits. Odds are the previous owner replaced the regular quartz halogen lamps with the blue-tinted fake HID bulbs that are so common.

Check the owner’s manual. If it requires quartz halogen bulbs, replace the other one (it’s a DIY job) and you’ll be back to normal.

The car really is jinxed.
I can use the v.i.n. ( last 8 digits at least ) to know if it’s true h.i.d.

– here’s the strangeness –
When I look up the low beam bulb in my Ford dealer parts catalog, I see the identical same part number for the low beam bulb ( 2C5Z-13N021-AA…H11 ) on both the standard lamp AND the h.i.d.
– whaoa doggies cowboys – this ain’t right .
An H11 bulb is just a standard halogen bulb.

If this is the info that your dealer saw on their screen it would explain the color difference and how they got it wrong.
What part number is on your invoice ?

Since my catalog software is written wrong , I put the question out on the inter-dealer board to see if someone else knew the correct answer.

The correct ford part number is 2C5Z-13N021-BA and is listed @ $179.97 (whlsl $139.99 ) just for the bulb.

Tell me two pieces of info to get to the bottom of this; Your v.i.n. and the part number on your invoice.
Goin’ home at 6:00 pm mdt, see yall tomorrow.

HID = High Intensity Discharge.


OK… Great info… the replacement was 135$ wholesale…plus labor… I also understand that the color may change (but so markedly different now) and I asked if we should replace both, they said was not necc… I assume that the car came with the HID, as dealer confirmed and the warnings are on the covers for the lights…dealer also mentioned the transformer etc… and those parts were fine. The last of the vin are 3Y665634, build date 2/17/03… there was no part number on the invoice (they do not list that, hmmm?) I will further with the dealer… they did call late today, and said that they ‘will have to replace the bulb’ not sure what that means…

thanks again!!!

Seems all your evidence is in place already.
v.i.n. checks out, has o.e. HID lamps, but I find it hard to believe there’s no part number on the repair invoice ( ours does ). Did they use the Ford Numbered bulb or maybe it is they who used an aftermarket ?? hmm.

I have none of the 2C5Z-13N021-BA bulbs in stock to look at, as this is pickup country and there’s just not a whole lot of Lincoln LS pulling into our busy dealer, and this is a long life item which is rarely needed.

The only un-answered questions are probably un-answerable. Which bulbs were in it and which replacement was put in and do you know a good exorcist for your poor LS’s demons ?

Hey there… thanks so much for the information, the only number on the invoice is a D2R… which I know is the type of bulb… is it safe to assume that the color will change as the bulb ages?? Or should I push to have the other changed??

Soon to post my next problem… vibrating and shaking steering…maybe an exorcism is the answer!!

thanks for all the info!!!

HID bulbs do indeed come in different colors. It is accomplished by changing the gas mixture inside the bulb. You can get anything from purple to yellow. The stock color is white (looks slightly blue compared to normal headlights). His 2003 V8 came with stock HIDs.

Look guys, this car came with stock HIDs (2003 sport). Do some research. You can get HIDs in different colors.

The color of my HIDs (2006 LS, purchased new) has not changed with aging.

Thanks for the additional info… I think that information that Ken provided (stock numbers) is the answer to the question. The dealer did not put the stock number on the invoice, but are to call me with it. They probably did what he said, and looked up the part and installed the H11… and looking at what they charged me would make sense…
Do you have your '06 still?? you like it?? do you have any major issues with that year??

thanks again… the puzzle is coming together… fingers crossed!

Yes, I still have my 06. So far no problems with it (50K miles). I also have an 04, it’s at 100K miles now. I have had a few problems with it. (coils, DCCV, AC compressor, wheel bearing, transmission solenoid) However, I still enjoy both cars.
The 04 has normal headlights. I really don’t see much difference (in being able to see well) between the HIDs in the 06 and the normal bulbs in the 04.

So are you suggesting that the HIDs have changed color,
that the previous owner put in different color bulbs, or
that the shop put in the wrong (different color) replacement bulbs?

If what you say is true (I’ve no doubt it is) then one of the above must also be true.

Cool… My '03 is at 72,000… has had the coil issue that has been three visits to the dealer ( and is now running rough, again!!), front sway bar links, rear pinion seal, AC, entire engine cooling system, steering linkage, cooling to the seats fixed… after the light thing is resolved have to figure out why the steering shakes and what the low grinding hum in the front is…think there me a problem with the wheels…but do enjoy the car… just not what comes along with it… just hope that the repairs stop soon… tired of the weekly visits to the garage!

Hey there… I think we have figured out that there is an error in the parts catalog, and the dealer installed the wrong bulb… are to replace it on Monday… hopefully that will solve this… and hopefully they realize that its not up to me to pay for a mistake on their part!! Also I know that they do not change color, and that true HID’s are always that pale blue/white… whatta mess…now I know more about HID’s than I ever wanted!!

First, thank you for your earlier reply telling us that the dealer had made a mistake in the replacement bulb. Glad that’s solved.

I had a '73 Vega (my first new car) that had about the same reliability as you’re describing, but I too enjoyed the car…when it wasn’t broken. So i understand the emotional dilemma.

So, what are the wheels doing?

I’m suspecting a halogen lamp installed in your car by the dealer (NOT, HID).
Here is an article which will spread a little light on the aftermarket fitting of cheap “HID” lamps: http://www.danielsternlighting.com/tech/bulbs/Hid/conversions/conversions.html

You re welcome… and all for the love of a car… lol sometimes there is more effort in that than with the other half!!
The front end of the car shakes, like it is out of allignment or wheels are not balanced… the steering wheel shakes, and front just vibrates, can feel it through the floor and pedals, funny thing is not all the time. It happens at different speeds and all weather conditions, another puzzle… I mentioned the wheels because I found a 2003 recall on the style of wheels that I have. The symptoms desribed in the recall are exactly like the problem I have. They were apparently not heat treated, and can crack at the lugs, and possibly fall off… I talked to Lincoln, and there are no open recalls on the car, BUT, I am still pushing to have them test the wheels as mentioned in the recall… I know there are alot of these that have front end problems, I hope this might be the answer… alligments, balancing, and contolled road force have not helped…will see!