Driver is only person that can open windows 97 sable

I have a 97 sable. I can open everyone’s window, but they can’t open their windows themselves. Help

Double check the window lock button on your door is pressed in.

Hi. checked it. It is not that. Thanks

If it is not the lock, then that leaves the other switches and or wiring (usual wiring problems are at the point the wires come from the door frame to the door.).

Your lock button may be at fault.

You probably have a bad window lock switch. Unfortunately they come as a unit with all four door switches. Check for someone parting out a TauruSable near you. An individual will know if his switch was working. And he won’t think it’s a $50 part. A salvage yard won’t know if it works, and will charge extra for the privlidge. Installation requires removing the door panel and popping the old switches out with a phillips screwdriver. There is one screw in the handle where you stick your hand to close the door. Then it just pulls off. You MAY have to replace the push-in barbed fasteners when you go back together as the older ones tend to lose their barbs. Autozone has them. You’ll have to lift the panel over the door lock plunger. Then the switches have latches you have to push in before the wires will pull out. Good luck.

Did the silicone spray cure your creak?