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Drivebelt change on a Nissan Altima

Hi, did anyone changed the drivebelt by him or herself?

I have to change mine soon and i just want to make sure that i can do it myself or if have to give it to a mechanic.

Posting A Model Year And Engine Option (If Applicable) Could Help Trigger A More Helpful Response Than This One.

Please give a little more information. You are talking about an “accessory” or serpentine belt, correct? Thanks.

2001 Nissan Altima with about 105000 Miles. I believe there are two belt. The serpentine and the drivebelt. My plan was to replace both so i know that they are new. I talked to nissan and both belt cost about $40 Dollars.

You Really Should Get A Service Manual Specifically For Your Car If You Plan On Doing Maintenance And Repairs.

Meanwhile, You can go to, register on the site, enter your vehicle’s year, make, and model, and go to “Repair Guides”.

The serpentine belt procedure is listed under “engine” and then “mechanical”.

I believe the other little belt is for power steering.

Have a look.


done deal. Thanks for the tip.

p.s. i like your name :slight_smile: