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Belt Pulley


2 days ago i heard a strange noise coming from the engine.

I checked with a friend of mine and we concluded that it is the pulley.

The problem is only, this car has 3 pulley and i am not sure if i have to replace all three of them or if there is one which most likely is worn out.

I original was replacing the belts, but now its more i’ll guess.

Does anyone have a suggestion or had the same problem?

Its a Nissan Altima GLX (2001) with 110K Miles. I believe the pulleys are all original, meaning never changed.

Only three pulleys? Are you speaking of just the idlers? What about the alternator, A/C compressor, water pump and power steering pump? They could be noisy too. If you have an automotive stethoscope, you can listen to them individually. If not, once you have removed the serpentine belt you should be able to tell which pulley is bad by spinning them by hand.

Be sure you have a diagram for re-installing the belt. If there is no decal on the car, draw one yourself.

you are right. Its the pulley idler. There are 3 pulley for the belts according the diagram. 2 idler pulley and 1 crank pulley.
from the answer i assume it could be every other one too and not just the idler. did i understood the right?

It is most likely an idler, but not necessarily an idler. Take the belt off and check it out.