Drive Shaft Stuck

I’m replacing my transfer case but my rear drive shaft is stuck to my transfer case adapter. The bolts are removed the other end came out of the rear differential

How do I get it out?

Pry it out.

No good place to pry it. Have you done it before?

I can’t imagine any method of attaching a propeller shaft in a drive train that I haven’t removed at one time or another over the years and not being there to take a first hand look at yours I can only say that finding the weakest point and determining the best angle to attack it will certainly result in success… sooner or later. If your shaft has a flange mount I would suggest that you find a good wedge to tap between the mating surfaces. I have a strong steel gasket scraper and a dead blow hammer that has been quite successful in such situations.

I was thinking about renting a car, attaching a chain to drive shaft then pulling it out with the car

That is a terrible idea. First of all there are not very many modern cars that have a place to hook a chain. If you damage the rental doing this your insurance might not pay for the damage and might even cancel you.
Just call a few mobile mechanics near you and ask if this is something they can solve . It might be cheaper than renting a vehicle and less risky .

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+1 for many reasons not mentioned also.

How do you know that you won’t pull the car off it’s stands?

Won’t have it on stands at this point

If I were working in a driveway and found myself is this situation I would reattach the shaft to the rear axle and loosely install the attaching bolts to the front and with the transmission in park rock the vehicle repeatedly front to rear.