Drive shaft details

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I purchased this 2005 trailblazer LS V6 with high miles and as expected, it has some noises and vibrations. A friend told me that the front boot of the driveshaft needs replacement. I also noticed that the rear universal join looks rusty and dry. So a Googled for a diagram of this driveshaft without much luck, so I am still not sure how many universal joins I need, but I cannot locate this front driveshaft boot. Everyone is advertizing the entire driveshaft, while I only want to purchase the front boot. I found topics describing people who actually purchased a rebuilt kit, but the links they posted were so long ago that they no longer work. Can anyone provide me some good info please on how to proceed?

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Hi Jordan:
Is this what you’re looking for?

2005 CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER 4.2L L6 CV Joint Boot | RockAuto

That seems to be a CV joint boot… I am talking about the front boot in front of the driveshaft. First time I am uploading a pic so I hope it works! thanks

Please clarify if you are asking about a rear driveshaft; i.e. connecting the transmission or xfer case rear output to the rear differential; or is it the front driveshaft of a 4WD, i.e. connecting the xfer case front output to the front differential? In any event, if neither the local parts stores nor RockAuto has the part you need, suggest to try over at LMC truck. I expect you already know that the part may only be available used, obtained from an auto-dismantler yard.

Sorry, great point! Front driveshaft, so that boot connects to the transmission. But I am also changing the universal joins on the rear driveshaft as well.

That’s the front CV-joint.


Does that driveshaft in the photo telescope to change length, using mating splines? If so before you reinstall it be sure to give those splines a good lubing using the type of grease the manufacturer specs. Some manufacturers require a special synthetic grease. That interface can cause weird noises in trucks. Usually the noise problem caused by dry splines is w/the rear driveshaft, where you hear clunk sounds stopping and starting, but since you have the front one out, good time to lube those splines too.

Wow, finally some answers! Funny, I shop in Rockauto and I was looking under driveshaft… and could not find it.

I forgot to count how many Universals I need for front and back driveshaft, so I have to wait until tomorrow (daylight) so I can count them…

Thank you guys, you are the best!

There’s one CV-joint on the front, and one U-joint on the back.