Please help!

I’ve been having some problem with my 2002 Camry lately. It started when I was exiting off highway waiting at a stop light when my car just suddenly stop, while the car was still in drive. The battery light, engine light, and oil light came even though the music was still playing. So I put the car to park, turn the key to completely turn off the car and restart the car. At first it sound like the car was going to start but as I turn the key and keep holding it for the car to start all the way, it just die again. I try again but this time I step on the gas pedal at the same time I turn the key and after two or three press on the gas pedal, the car work and all the light was off. Everything was fine. This would happen every other day and I would do the same thing to it but don’t know why this is happening. Please… Somebody tell me what could be wrong!?

First, stop by a parts store and have the fault codes read. Post the actual codes here.

The good news is that this could be and likely is as simple as a dying battery or a corroded battery cable connection. In addition to the codes, I’d also get the battery and charging system checked.

Post back with the results.

TSM, how did you eliminate the possibility of idle control problems?

I’m not sure why anyone would assume that TSM eliminated any possibilities. It seemed that he mostly asked for more info. I will say that an IAC problem was a thought of mine, but first I’d ask for clarity from the Bw16 - is the “check engine” light or something like it on? If so, then as mountainbike said then you have a parts store read the codes (for free!) and post them in specific format, like “P1234.”

If not, I’ll be honest with you, it doesn’t sound like you’re ready to start diagnosing & fixing your own car so you’d want to ask around among people you know for a trustworthy (both honesty and quality) local mechanic.

I had a similar problem with my 1990’s Toyota Corolla last fall. I pulled into a gas station, filled up, and when I tried to start the car, even though everything had been running fine, this time, nothing. It was the battery connection. I cleaned and tightened the connections to the battery, and it fixed the problem. I could tell it was likley a battery problem because when it happened the instrument panel lights didn’t stay on or go completely out either, instead they would dim noticeably, and get even dimmer when I attempted to crank the engine.

This may not be what is causing your problem, but it should be one of the first things to try, as it is simple to check.