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Drippy Car

My SUV is dripping on my passengers! It seems to be water, and there is a lot! My ac still functions fine. I live very rural and hate to take it into the “city” for a repair if it only needs something simple. Can you help me out?

Most likely, the drain for the A/C system is blocked and is not allowing the water that is removed from the cabin air to drain underneath the car. When the drain is blocked, this water will tend to drip inside the car.

Take a look under the vehicle, near the firewall on the passenger side of the vehicle in order to locate the drain hose for the A/C system. (Note: Do NOT crawl underneath a car that is supported only by the jack that comes with the car. Use jack stands or ramps, or take it to your mechanic if you don’t have jack stands or ramps.)

If you can locate the A/C drain, it can be cleared by either sending some compressed air through the drain hose or by poking something into the drain hose. Do not use something rigid, as you can wind up causing damage. Some folks use the plastic line from a Weed Wacker to clean out the drain.