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Toyota Corolla 2008

My car keeps going back on a hill when on drive shift. Is this normal?

Could you rephrase the question?

My Car Roll back on a hill when i haved don drive and depress the brake


Some automatic cars will roll back on steep enough hills when you release the brake. Perfectly normal.

Well, since English is clearly not your native language, we will have to attempt to interpret what you are trying to tell us.

I THINK that you are trying to ask if it is normal for the car to roll backward on a hill when the automatic transmission is in “Drive” and the brake is not applied.

If that is what you are asking, the answer is that–yes–this is normal. Years ago, this was not typical, but it is now typical of modern automatic transmissions that are designed for better fuel economy.

If this is not what you are attempting to ask, perhaps you can try to rephrase the question again.