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Dremel Tools

Do you have a favorite use for a Dremel rotary tool and accessories

Some of my favorite uses are:

  1. When patching bicycle tubes, a small sanding drum on mandrel scuffs the rubber up niely in preparation for the rubber cement and patch.

  2. When removing a security screw for which a bit is not available, a slot can be cut with an abrasive disc to use a regular blade screwdriver.

  3. For sharpening knives or chisels, a medium sanding drum on mandrel can shape the edge. The finish up is done with 000 sand paper taped onto the drum/mandrel for a finely honed edge.

I use a Dremel like tool (Black & Decker Wizard) for many small cleaning jobs. The fine control using a small wire wrush attachment does a great job on many jobs in repairing model trains. I have also used it on automotive jobs, like the caller suggested, cleaning rust off small areas. You can engrave your personal id info on expensive household electronics (TV’s, stereos) and bicycles so they can be traced if stolen.

I trim my collies’ claws, and manufacture printed circuits

I find more use for higher powered versions,die grinder with carbide cutting tip, mainly for cutting rivet heads (old style GM window regulators).

I used a dremel equivalent to cut out damaged fiberglass and ruff shape the patch. still need good paint match.

Using a Dremel (or B&D equivalent):

  1. The cut off wheels are super handy. Need to do some fine trimming on just about any material the cut off wheel can do it or cutting off a bolt or screw to a shorter length.

  2. The grinder / sander attachments can be user to enlarge or smooth a hole - light for a deadbolt lock.

  3. All the other simple / cheap attachments - polish, grind, cut, sand just about anything.

Not the tool with a thousand uses for me, but when you NEED a rotary tool nothing else will do. Always wear safety glasses as the high speed action can produce some serious “shrapnel”.

I use it primarily for cutting small items in the vise at the workbench and for cutting bolts etc. in hard-to-reach spots where an angle grinder won’t fit.

I have a 90 degree angle attachment on mine and it provides much better control.

Note that I do scale model work also and it’s invaluable for that. I hand made out of brass all the rigging and fixtures for a fully-seaworthy 3’ long Friendship Sloop and the Dremel was invaluable.

I Have used a Dremel tool with its cutting wheel to cut off pesky sway bar end links, and the like.

I have tried the dremel tool, as I got one 8 years ago as a present with all the attachments. Like Ray said I think need more attachments to make it useful. It has done nothing for me so far but really impressed with the battery life.

Dremel is a life saver for one thing – cutting U-clamps off a rusted (and almost unrecognizable) muffler pipe. I get a reinforced cutoff wheel or two and watch the sparks fly! It always makes me feel like a real world-class mechanic (until the fuel line ignites…then I feel like a world-class sprinter!)