Dremel Tools

Do you have a favorite use for a Dremel rotary tool and accessories?

My wife bought me one for my birthday a few years ago, It has a few years of dust except for the time we tried the Dremel the dog Nails, as she saw somewhere. I think I just need the scroll saw attachment.

Sorry I wanted to put this in ‘Show’ but ended up here.

Worse things have happened.

Used one recently to cut off the whole exhaust system on my truck including the cat, didn’t even have to raise it. Used it to shorten a piece of the new pipe also. Great tool.

Not one particular use but many. A Dremel is one of the handiest tools in the tool box and can be a real life saver.
I’m also into a lot of adapting and customization on things other than cars so a Dremel has been outstanding for me in regards to motorcycle or guitar modifications, odds and ends around the house, etc.

Matter of fact, just bought a new one last night to replace the old one which finally gave up after about 7 years.

I bought my Dremel to trim small fossil slabs, but I occasionally use it to remove hopelessly corroded bolts and nuts from the exhaust system. A shop would presumably use a torch to do that but as a shadetree mechanic without a lift, I’d end up with the torch uncomfortably close to my face – even if I could figure out how to adjust a MAPP gas-Oxygen setup to burn stuff off … which I probably can’t.

I still have vivid memories of a droplet of molten iron that somehow found its way into my shoe back when I actually used a real torch back in my youth. Takes a while to cool off, iron does.

As it seems to be with others, I have about 101 favorite uses, and then another 500 or so after that.

Just heard the show. Here is a little elaboration. About 90% of what I’d do with would fall into the cutting/grinding/polishing category. Just yesterday, in fact, I was trying to access the fresh air intake in my van. I had to reach waaaay into the cowl area which was lined with very sharp screws in both directions (from interior dash out and firewall in). I took out the dremel, cut the ends off of the screws and ground them smooth so I’d stop losing skin every time my arm went in there. The most recent use before that was probably a polishing wheel with some plastic headlight reconditioner on it.