Dream Cars

When I was a kid it was Lamborghinis. I also had a thing for Camaros of the late 1960s thanks to the one that sat under a cover in our garage. What were some of your guys’ dream cars back then? (Or now for that matter.)

When I was in elementary school, my dream car was the Nash Airflyte that came out in 1949. It truly looked modern to me compared to the cars of other manufacturers. I learned much later that it had less wind resistance than almost any other car on the road and that there really was a purpose to its “inverted bathtub” design. The second dream car was the Chevrolet Corvair. I was in college when GM introduced this car in 1960. I liked the Corvair because it truly was different that what other manufacturers were selling. I eventually bought a used 1961 Corvair for $450 and I wasn’t disappointed.

My present dream car is a Mazda Miata. However, I don’t think I would fit into one. A couple of years ago my doctor wrote a prescription for me that for my mental health, I should have a Miata. My doctor has a chiropractor buddy and I think he wanted to help his friend’s business.

At any rate, it’s probably more fun to think about a “dream car” than actually own one.

Bentley Brooklands. A real torque monster.

Thanks for sharing. I had to check out that Nash Airflyte, and man you weren’t kidding. Definitely unique body styling.

Now that would be fun to drive.

I also have to throw out there . . . Aston Martin V12 Vantage.

1966 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C

There’s the Super Snake Cobra as well. But I’d probably kill myself with that. I’m all for power, but 800 HP in a 2300 pound road going car might be a little on the excessive side.

A '64 Studebaker Avanti, with the R2 or R3 engine!

Another beautiful car. Was the 60’s a great decade for cars or what? By the way - what’s the difference between the R2 and R3 engines on the Studebaker?

The two cars that stand out for me in the 50s were the Mercedes 300SL gull wing coupe and the XK Series Jaguar (XK 120-150). I remember reading Floyd Clymer’s road tests and owners’ reports in Popular Mechanics on those cars.

With the very sloppy handling of US cars at that time these two were light years ahead. Of course I did not know about their upkeep costs and had never seen one in the flesh, since I lived on a farm near a small town of 1000 population.

The so-called “Dream Cars” in the GM Motorama were only styling excercises; some, like the Firebird with a turbine, actually showed some technical innovation.

R2: Supercharged, 304 cubic inches, “official” output=335 HP (unofficially estimated at ~400 HP)

R3: Twin superchargers, 304 cubic inches, fuel injected, hot cam, magneto ignition, “official” output not specified (unofficially estimated at 575 HP @ 7,000 RPM)

Out of a total production run of 3,800 cars over a 2 year period, about 200-300 were fitted with the R2 engine. A grand total of NINE Avantis were made with the incredible R3 engine. If you are lucky enough to find an R3, it is an exceptionally rare automobile!

The experimental R4 & R5 engines were still under development when the plug was pulled on the short-lived Avanti project.

My dream cars back then were the Porsche 911 (or perhaps or was the 912 back then) and the Lotus Europa.

I have two dream cars now. The Nissan 370Z and a fully restored '70 or '71 Camaro.

When I was in elementary school one of the teachers had a 63 Corvette Stingray, the car was blue with the odd looking windows in the back. I stared at that car for hours, never saw its driver,never saw it run, but it sure looked good,even standing still.

The Camaro I was around growing up was a 69, but 70 & 71 were both great years too. They just sounded mean . . . I liked that.

That’s the mark of a true dream car - As appealing standing still as it is in the quarter mile.

'70 was the year they changed the body style. That F body was IMHO one of the best bodies ever to come out of Detroit.

The Z-78’s sister car, the Trans Am, was another great iteration of that body.


My dream car is the car I have now, a '03 Mustang SVT Cobra. A total beauty. I’ve put a lot of work into her already. I’ve been into Mustang’s ever since I was 3, first car show I ever went to, I was like “Daddy, there’s a car named after my favorite horse.” And it’s been ever since. What are your guy’s opinions on Mustangs?

A 1964 stroke of genius. Putting a cool body on a Falcon chassis to make an affordable fun car. What a cool concept. The following year they had their own chassis. They they grew and grew, and got more and more powerful, but were still nice.

There were some sorry years…the Mustang II…but fortunately that’s past history. The newer ones are great.

Mustang II? What’s that? Never heard of it, they never made anything called that before. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for my dream cars, 67 GT-500 or a Tri-Five Bel-Air.