1997 Acura RL leaking moonroof



My boyfriend has a 1997 Acura RL with a leaking moonroof. He also thinks there are plugged drain plugs. He can’t find the drain plugs and I would like to know where they are and if this is something he can fix


The drains (not drain plugs) are located in the windshield pillars. They drain the water from the channel around the opening of the moonroof.

Once the drains are located, it is usually possible to clear them out with shots of compressed air. In the future, avoid parking under trees whenever possible, in order to prevent debris from getting into the channel and then blocking the drains.


Most of the time it is the drains. on many cars there four, one at each corner of the opening. They can be cleared with compresses air or string trimmer line. Since it is possible to over do it with the compressed air and pop a hose off, I suggest the line.


Thank you. How can he access them?