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Dragging noise under my front car

I have a nissan versa and I just fixed my front brakes not to long ago and everytime I pressed on my brakes it sounded like a dragging noise coming from the front of my car… it has been raining a lot I don’t know if it has something to do with that?? Please Help ASAP

I would suggest that you get the car back to the shop that did the brake work so they can check them over. Unlikely rain has much to do with it. It may just be something stuck in the caliper or the friction material may have sheared off the metal backing plate. Either way, it needs to be checked out.


If this started to happen as soon as you got your shop back from the shop that fixed them recently, no doubt about it, take it back and ask them what’s going on. There should be no dragging noises happening immediately after and due to a brake repair job. They may need to adjust to change something is all.

On the other hand if there was no dragging noises noticed right after the repair, it’s possible the rain is the cause. My Corolla’s brake will make a little noise, sort of a dragging noise, if I’ve been driving in the rain and parked the car inside overnight. The heat is retained when parking inside and that promotes rust formation on the brake discs (or drums) and that can cause a scraping noise when starting out the next day’s drive. However, that noise should disappear – like it does disappear on my Corolla – after a few applications of the brakes. Doing that rubs off the rust so its back to bare metal. .