Car making noise after replacing rotors + brake pads

Changed the brakes on my 2011 Nissan Versa 1.8L car and when i was finished and went to drive there is a scraping sound, loudest at 35 mph.

Checked to make sure the back plate isnt touching the rotor and it isnt.

I also hear a slight squeak when i put my foot on the brake and then release it while im sitting still, which wasnt there either.

Did you do this brake job yourself? Are you sure you replaced the parts correctly?

I must also ask, why didn’t you tell us a single detail about your car? Do you really expect a good answer considering that?

2011 Nissan Versa 1.8 L - yes, replaced them myself - parts are correct according to what i researched and confirmed by Autozone

AZ? So if you put rotors on then you would have had to pull the calipers and the pins. Did you check the pins for wear and grease them with syn brake grease? Also there was a recent warning by I think Bendix on poor rotor quality from some suppliers. New ones for me from NAPA were over $50 each. Did the new rotors match the original ones for thickness of the braking material and possible warping? I guess maybe jack a wheel up and try to determine where the noise is exactly coming from. But yeah gotta go back and check your work.

Scraping sound at 35 when you are braking or foot off the pedal? Really odd it is loudest at that speed. Make sure the dust sheild for the disk didn’t get pushed up against the rotor. The metal is very thin so it is easy to bend.

Generally a very light film of grease can be added to the edge of the brake pad where it slides on the bracket will take care of that squeak.

Did you replace any clips? If so, be sure they are not close to rubbing. I had this happen once, Those anti-rattle clips need to be fully seated so they clear the rotors. Sometimes it is difficult to get them to stay in their pocket in the caliper without some massaging of the bends…

When you replaced the rotor, did you remove the backing plate for any reason?