2006 Altima making dragging sound

My car sounds like it’s dragging something but when I look under it there’s nothing there. The sound it makes is comparable to the sound a snow plow makes as its plowing the road. The sound is constant but gets worse when I brake. Anyone have an idea of what could be the cause?

Offhand, I might urge you strongly to have the brakes inspected as that noise could be a brake pad that is worn down to nothing.

After that, some possibilities could be a bent brake rotor shield or exhaust heat shield rattle.

+1 for ok4450.

An immediate brake inspection is the way to go, without question.
However, if the brakes turn out to be okay, then my next suspect would be a fender liner that has become dislodged and is rubbing on one of the tires.

I once had a noise that sounded just like something dragging , it was a wheel bearing .

“I once had a noise that sounded just like something dragging , it was a wheel bearing .”

Sloepoke has a good suggestion, particularly a front wheel bearing that has been going south for a while, which would get louder while braking, as described.



Does the noise change (in volume or pitch) when you go around a fairly tight curve, either right or left, or when making a lane change where a change of direction is required?


It doesn’t sound like a wheel bearing symptom to me, but if it gets considerably louder the faster you go, that would be consistent with a wheel bearing related symptom. Another idea, the brakes may be dragging for some reason, possibly the parking brakes. Do any of the wheels get hot after a 2 or 3 miles drive with little to no braking during the trip? I had a dragging sound occur on my truck, and that turned out to be a problem in the rear differential. That sound got considerably worse when turning vs going straight.

Mine was a right front wheel bearing . I actually stopped the car & looked under it to see what was dragging before pinpointing the problem .

Another suggestion is one of covers underneath the car. I have seen them dragging while a car is going down the road when the wind catches them. If a couple of the pins are broken the wind can pull them down and they drag the road. My first guess would be brakes though.

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