Doors Locking and Unlocking While Driving

That did not work. I’ll try to adjust the sensors next. Vibrations/bumps are causing the the issue, so something is not making good contact or a wire is rubbing metal.

Seems like you’re on the trail, but it’s a picky and complex job. Good luck.

I have not adjusted the sensor yet, but if that did not work, I was thinking I might be able to clip the 2 wires going to the sensor and splice them together, in an attempt to identify if it really is a sensor issue. I assume splicing the wires together will trick the computer into thinking everything is closed, correct?

Update: I was able to disable the auto door lock function on the Murano (the feature which locks the doors after the car starts moving). “Put car in on position, hold door lock within 20secs, flashers go off once for disable, twice for enable.” Now the door locks no longer open and close as I drive down the road, but the dash display light still beeps and flashes the back hatch is open. Much less annoying… I still plan on attempting to adjust the micro switches on the hatch latch when I have time. If that does not work then I’m looking for a way to bypass the switches as a way to test them. I assume I would just cut and jumper the 2 wires going to the micro switch, but if anyone has any advise on this or a better way to test them, please share.

A owner of a 2007 Nissan murano here. I have read everything here and looked everywhere online. NOTHING addresses the issues at hand here. I have the same problems as stated above. Driver side door locking for no reason but all other doors are unlocked. Rear hatch says it is open when it is not. The alarm goes off speractly or when ever it wants. NO mechanic that I have talked to truly knows what the problem is. Including Petboys, Midas, Car dealerships, ect…so…I am truly asking for help here…without spending alot of money trying to resolve this issue…To let you know, no after Market products have been added, Battery is new, have checked the wiring, lubes up the latches, still having issues…PLEASE PLEASE HELP…Thank you!!!

Did anyone ever figure out how to resolve this issue? Same thing going on with my 2015 Nissan Murano. Thanks!

Contacted Nissan and they were totally useless. Said co tact local dealer and Not a recall related to this.

If you have a second set of keys (fob), try to use that and/or replace the battery in the set you are using.

The hatch latch could be out of adjustment and the hatch moving makes the switch works and stop working as the hatch bounces up and down. Check to see if the latch is out of adjustment.

I have a 2011 Pathfinder that is experiencing the door locking while driving, door open indication and random alarms while sitting in the driveway. Unfortunately I am unable to look into for a few weeks but will post what I find.
HOWEVER, my 2011 Nissan Altima (that my mother in law drives) did the same thing. After about an hour of digging, poking and prodding, I found the culprit to be chaffed wires under the rear driver’s side door sill. There’s a bundle of wires running through there with 5 of them worn through from my nephew always using that side. NOTE* I would worry too much about doors that are not used frequently. I spliced the damaged wires and all has been good for about 8 months now.
As for my Pathfinder, I am suspecting the key FOB since my wife recently dropped it in a cup of water. If the systems continue after the battery is removed from the FOB, I will continue to diagnose by cleaning the battery terminals, checking fuses, checking the driver’s door, rear hatch and front passenger door, pretty much in that order. If I cannot find anything there, I will begin removing interior panels looking for disfigured or broken wires along with loose connections.
I will be sure to post what I find and how I remedied once complete. I hope this will help someone with the same issue.

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UPDATE*** It’s been 5 days since my original post. I removed the battery from the key FOB and all issues ceased. I hope this is helpful to someone out there facing the same issues I experienced.