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2017 Nissan Murano - 12K miles for "computer warranty?"

Is anyone else having problems with the rear hatch not opening? I have taken mine in twice. The first time they “reset” it and it worked for a couple of months. I took it in yesterday and they said that it is a “computer issue” and that the warranty for the computer stuff is only 12,000 miles.

Suggest you look in your owners manual for phone numbers to call. I would think computers should be covered under your 36/36 warranty.

“they” are lying to you. Take it to another dealer, this one is clueless, and dishonest.

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You need a computer to open the rear hatch???

I would go to this website and either call or email the car manufacturer using the contacts listed and tell them exactly what you stated here. I’m betting you will get much better results and the dealership will be less inclined to use that tactic on other unsuspecting customers in the future-

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That’s what they are saying. The first time I took it in they said that my computer needed an update. As of yesterday one hasnt been released yet. The only way we are able to open it is by climbing into the back and using a screwdriver in the latch release thing.

Pretty much everything electric on a car is now hooked up to a computer or chip one way or another. Wouldn’t this be called the ‘BCM’, body control module?

Next time you go, bring your warranty and ask them to show you where it says 12 months. I just looked through it on line, that’s nowhere to be seen!

Every car nowadays comes with a Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty (usually 36 months) in addition to the far-longer Powertrain Warranty. The Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty covers EVERYTHING on your car, unless a particular part was subjected to negligence.

If this dealership continues to deny coverage, then you have to contact Nissan, at the corporate level. Even Nissan would have a hard time denying coverage for this problem on a 1 year-old vehicle.

I’m still not understanding, it won’t open with a key? It won’t open with a FOB? Does it since your presence somehow and is supposed to open automatically?

Is supposed to open with the key fob or the button on the back or the button inside the car. None of these work. Not even if you switch it to Manuel in the glove compartment.

Have you tried Juan or Pablo?


Is it a power liftgate?

Yes it is power.

Lol I didn’t even notice I put that. :flushed::crazy_face:

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Thank you. I emailed them.

Is it the motion sensing liftgate where you swing your foot under the bumper and it opens automatically?

Looks like this has been a long term issue for Nissan. It is the controller located behind one of the panels in the cargo area. It’s between the bumpers so it is covered under the 3 year 36k mile bumper-to-bumper warranty.