Door Trim Glue?

I’m looking for suggestions.

I just replaced the power window regulator on my Isuzu Amigo.

The black sticky stuff on the door that the plastic piece (Isuzu name: water deflector) sticks too is not sticky anymore.

I thought about using black silicone, but that hardens and will ruin the piece when if I remove it again.

Does anyone have a suggestion for the non-hardening sticky stuff???

Just reattach the door vapor barrier with duct tape.


Duct tape will work, as Tester suggested.

If you’d rather have glue I believe you can buy trim glue at most auto parts stores.

What is that stuff really called? somethig like “beutel” (or something that sounds close to what I have tried to spell)

You can also go to Wal Mart and for a couple of bucks get a Velcro kit with adhesive backed tabs.