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Volvo door lock problem

I have a 1999 Volvo S70 sedan. Recently the front passenger door lock went out. When the doors are locks - a;; door locks go down and all doors lock except this one door. It looks locked but is not. I’m afraid this will cost and arm and leg to repair? Is it possible that this could be easily fixed? Will it mean taking th door apart?

Yes the door has to be taken apart to get to the mechanism, but if you do take it to the dealer it will cost an arm and a leg.

Have you gotten a repair estimate? Volvos parts are more expensive than some other makes. Didn’t you know that when you bought a Volvo.

Yes, the inner door panel will probably have to be removed to access the lock solenoid, but this is not very difficult.

I’d say it will cost an arm, but not an arm and a leg.

Thank you for your response. Is this something most auto-mechanics can do? I have not found a good mechanic yet in this area (northern san diego). Do you have to use Volvo parts?

No, I have not got an estimate yet. Well, yes, I guess I suspected that Volvo parts would be expensive.

Which hand do you write with? (insert slight humor here)

If the lock actuator is part of the latch things can get expensive,hopefully the actuator can be replaced seperatly and the problem is only with the actuator.

This is 2hrs min labor,what does your Dealer charge? $100.00 hr, I bet $275.00-425.00 total.

I would recommend a Chiltons repair manual ($25), and a little patience. It’s most likely the little rod that runs from the lock on the handle to the door latch that catches the pin on the door jam. Simply remove the panel, then look to see if the rod running between these two points is there. I’ve done this about six time to a half dozen cars. If you have big hands and fat fingers like me, then try to muster up a little more patience, but it’s a reletively simple fix…

If you decide on a mechanic (dealer or not), I’d add a couple toes in as a cushion, but not the whole leg… :slight_smile:

I just read your reply. I too have a broken rod. I don’t see where to hook it . The inside door handle works. I keep looking and feeling where the outside handle is supposed to go, but can’t. I see the broken part at the bottom, can remove the half t from the handle. I know who to buy the rod from-PartsTrain. Need schematic. Any ideas?

I would suggest a body shop that works on foreign cars, or a locksmith. If it is something loose or an end that came unclipped they can hook it back up.

If it requires new electrical gizmo’s then Volvo is likely only source and there goes the arm and the leg. If that is the case, just don’t lock the doors anymore.

I don’t think '99 S70’s are high on the list of stolen cars. Leave the windows down too and save on the AC.