Door locks and windows won’t work

2007 VW City Golf
Windows completely unresponsive and can’t lock doors with any means, nothing happens using fob, if I use the key or the toggle switch the locks go down and pop right back up

Does the car run ok otherwise? Headlights are bright as normal, on bright? Cranks robustly as ever? (that rrr rrr rrr sound with the key in “start”) How old is the battery?

Have you tried the key in the drivers door handle? It will lock and unlock the doors as well as roll windows up and down if you hold it in position. If the locks function then you need to go about the relearn procedure… Some VW’s can only be done via a computer interface…while others you can get done using the key and the drivers door and ignition… Its fun… Find out which system you have and go thru the relearn