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2004 Volkswagen Golf front windows won’t go up or down

Front windows Dont go up or down?

Gears sometimes, stick ?

Any indication that the motors are energized - a sound, or a dimming of lights as you turn them on?

I’d replace the fuse with a known good one.

I’d replace the car with a known good one.


is car a 4 door? do the rear windows move when you hit the driver switch? seems odd both front windows work and maybe rears do or do not?

car is five door hatch back front passengers window wont go up or down drivers window moves like jumping on step at a time, does that make any sense to you?

Sounds like the window regulators have failed.

Does the passenger side window work from the passenger side switch?

The windows are controlled in a sort of similar way to how a garage door opener works. Just like when a garage door opener fails, the first thing to check is the basic mechanics of the door w/out the power opener; i.e. the basic window up/down mechanism has to be smooth in operation and correctly balanced for it all to work. Given you got some movement going on there must be at least some power making to the actuator motor. It’s going to be hard to guess what the exact problem is w/out taking the door panel off for a look-see. Window switch, wiring, the window actuator itself, and the regulator (the scissors-jack-like-thing used for the window up/down operation ) are all common failure items w/power windows. The good news: whatever the problem turns out to be, likely easily fixed.

no, guess it a new regulator i need?

Many thanks, seems like your a very knowaabile, man yes correct i need to remove panel and check all, hope wd40 is the answer

I’ve been told here that pro-mechanics use a spray version of white (lithium) grease for lubing window mechanisms. If you get to that point, probably best to use that. It will make the repair job last longer. Available in most auto parts stores.