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Door lock in '00 Explorer

The driver’s side power door lock stopped working in my 2000 Ford Explorer Sport - when i hit the unlock button on the keyless entry or the door itself, the little lock jumps a tiny bit up and then immediately goes back down to the “locked” position. The other door lock works fine and the tailgate lock is fine too. Any ideas? Actuator or cylinder?

Sounds like the latch is sticking or the linkage is binding. Take the door trim off and investigate and lubricate.

how was this resolved? i’m asking cause i have developed the same thing in my own '01 explorer sport. i tryed to lube the parts, but when i found out that the window has to come out to access the actuators i had to stop and reassemble the door…time just ran out. it’s getting old opening the passenger side to unlock the driversside!