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1998 Ford Explorer passenger door lock actuator problem?

hello everyone I have a 1998 ford explorer and I am having a problem with my passenger side door lock actuator, or I think that’s what it is. I can lock and unlock all the other doors by using the switch on either my driver side door, passenger side door or the switch in the rear of the vehicle but only the passenger side door does not react when this switch is pushed. I have to unlock the passenger door with the key or open the latch from the inside. can someone help me and let me know if you have had this problem or anything similar? I tried to take a look at it myself but I cant figure it out so I will put the door panel back on and wait for replies lol. thanks so much from Hawaii…

If you already have the door panel off, why give up so soon?

Get a multimeter or test light and check that the lock actuator is getting a signal at the appropriate time.
If it is, you know the actuator’s bad.