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Dont rain

i have a 1992 ols cutless ciera.rolled my pwr windows in front down.they wont go back up now. my fuses get real hot like in seconds from putting them back in.there are no signs of life from window motors.not even a sound.but the fuses getting hot?

Someone with a little knowledge and a meter should be able to find the problem quickly.

Good Luck

If the fuses are getting hot it means those circuits are drawing current. Just not enough current to burn the fuse.


thanks but it is working now set 1 day now fine?

I’ve had similar situations happen in two cars, both over 10 years old. Yours is 20 years old. With that kind of age, it is entirely feasible that the window mechanism became temporarily bound up and the motor was unable to unbind it. Therefore, it still was drawing current, and motors draw the most amount of current when they are not moving. Sitting overnight allowed the cooler temps to constrict the materials in the mechanism, correcting the binding condition. And allowed the window to return to normal operation.

In my case, I had to partially disassemble one motor-regulator system to unbind it and get it back into operation. The other one self-corrected with a bit of coaxing on the partially retracted window.

My wife and I have owned a couple of these Cieras of this vintage. They both had power window problems similar to yours. The fix for both of them was replacing/repairing the wiring at the driver’s side door. It’s the wire bundle going from the door to the inside of the vehicle. I would also check the wiring at the front passenger door as well.