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Don't know where to "turn"

2001 Yukon, left turn signal does not work. Checked the fuses at the left end of dash as well as the fuses located under the hood. all fuses and bulbs check out ok. I give up!

Did you replace bulb with new or known good? visual exam can lead to false conclusion.Inspect bulb socket.Test for voltage at socket (with key and signal on).Do you get rapid blinking on side with failure?

check and make sure that the switch itself is working.
do the hazard lights work?

Yes, I get rapid blinking on the failure side.

check the ground for the inoperative signal. it may be loose or corroded.

Well the car thinks it has a burned out bulb. Are you sure all the bulbs on that side are OK and that each is making good contact in the socket and those contacts are free of corrosion? How about any plugs that may be connecting the socket to the wiring?