Dome Lights on and driver door console not operative. Whistle while I: drive

My 2004 has suddenly decided I should drive with dome lights on all the time, as if starring in an episode of COPS. Seems something is reading my driver door is not closed, even though it is closed. Besides lights on, unable to use controls to roll down window or lock vehicle. Also, there is now a whistle emanating from the bowels of this silver beast. Seems back near the fire wall or underneath. Sadly, this 2004 JGC does not even have 150,000 miles and things are going south for the winter to retire in Florida. Had one form 1993 and it lasted over 400,000 miles and my 1999 had 250,000 before I met Mr. Ice. On top of these goings on’s the right rear wheel is causing a scraping noise, but not 100% of the time.
ANY thoughts on this vehicles quirks? Thanks so much for your time.

I think the door sensors are in the door latch mechanism. Replacing the latch should fix this. has replacements from $60-$100 for your Grand Cherokee.

The drivers door module is not responding. Remove the door panel, disconnect and reconnect the module located on the inside of the door panel. The window and lock switches may operate again for a while.

Check the wiring where it runs from the body into the door. It could be damaged from flexing over time.

Concur w/above, esp the comment about checking the wire insulation in the door jam area.

Is there a switch in the door jam area that is supposed to close when the door is open? That switch could be on the fritz and causing the dome light to stay on. Does this car have a “door open” display on the dash? If so is that display on?

Whistling in that area could be caused by a problem in the brake power booster. Does it occur when idling or going slow, or only when going fast? If at idle or going slow, check the brake booster for a leaking diaphragm.

Scraping noises from the rear wheels, I’ve had that problem before on my truck. One time it was the brakes dragging, and another it was the limited slip differential clutches. If it only occurs when turning, that’s more likely a differential problem.