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Dog likes wind in his face

I drive a 1995 Saturn Relay. We have a Jack Russell (names Jack, how original). He likes to stick his head out the window when I am driving. This is usually not a problem when my son is in the car as he will hold on to Jack. When I am in the car alone with Jack, though, he will press down the window button and open the window himself! I have to hold onto his leash to keep him from going out the window! Yes, it is distracting. Here’s the question: There is no window lock for the passenger side window. I looked in the manual to see if there was some secret to doing this, but can find nothing that will allow me to lock the window button from the driver’s side. If he keeps his paw on the button, I can’t roll it back up. I am afraid he will burn out the motor by holding it down with his paw. Other than leaving Jack home, any other suggestions? Will a doggie seat belt in the back seat be the only solution?

Too bad there’s not a lock button for the electric windows, some cars have that. You could remove the fuse and disable all the windows, or you could find a mechanic who could put in a switch to disable that window.

Sorry, its a 2005 Relay!

We had a rescue dog that was part Jack Russel terrier. We had a Chevrolet Uplander (same vehicle as your Saturn Relay). Kasey (our dog) would sit on the front seat like a person. I would turn on the vents and direct them toward her and she was fine. Maybe this will work for you. Kasey never did figure out how the window control worked.
We got Kasey as a puppy and lost her to kidney failure when she was 10 1/2 years old almost three years ago. I adopted another rescue puppy that is part terrier that we named Midnite. I trained Midnite to ride in a cage behind the passenger seat in the van from the time he was very little. He knows this is where he belongs when he is in the van.

Since there does not appear to be a driver lockout for the power windows, would it be possible to rig up a cover for the passenger side power window switch? Otherwise the doggy seatbelt harness sounds like a good idea.

Ed B.

How about getting some little hard plastic box and taping that over the window button?
I too have a Jack Russell, and I don’t doubt that he would jump/fall out the window if unrestrained.

Dogs in cars should be crated for their safety as well as yours. If you have a collision, the un-crated dog becomes a ballistic missile, flying through the car and slamming into whatever it hits- - usually something hard like the dash or the windshield. You’re fortunate in that your Relay provides plenty of space for a crate, especially one that will fit a dog as small as yours.

doggy safety glasses

Dogs in cars should be crated for their safety as well as yours.

Agreed. You can also buy dog restraining harnesses that you attach to where you fasten your seat belt. You can find them at Petsmart. Here is an example:

I suggest you take your dog to the store (in a crate) to make sure you get the right size.

If you are a little handy you could install an inline switch for that window and mount it convenient for the driver.

Others have addressed the “flying doggy” danger. I’ll address the question about the motor burning up.

It won’t. As soon as the regulator assembly hits the limit switch the circuit is disabled, only the opposite side (DC motors reverse by reversing polarity) is then enabled.