Does anyone remember Mille Bornes?

It was a card game originated in France that became popular here in the 60’s and early 70’s. It seemed super complicated when I was a kid but quickly became an obsessive past-time for me and my brother. It centered around a 1,000 mile road race.

Yes I remember playing the game, but not the specifics about it. Game of Life had cars, plug in wife and kids etc.

Yeah we have that game.

That was a popular game in my house when I was growing up in the 60s.

I remember it, but I never played it.

80s kid here and i remember playing it a lot of times

My family played games on the holidays ('50s and '60s). Somebody gave someone Mille Bornes as a present, thus we played it occasionally. I liked the French cards. I just looked it up in Wikipedia, which claims it’s almost identical to an earlier American game, Touring.

We had the French version. Coup-fourre! I was about 10 years old. We didn’t have a car. I didn’t know what a kilometer was . ! Great game though on a rainy day–

We used to get so bored at the cabins, no tv, party line phone, lucky for water and heat, though as a kid I came in from the outhouse crying because I could not figure out how to flush, They mounted a spring handle for me to pull. We used to play Parcheesi, don’t remember enjoying the game, we played it anyway. Got older, backgammon cribbage and bolivia card game was so much more fun. When bored reading the readers digest condensed books, along with whatever else was on the bookshelves. My grandmother bought me call of the wild one year, I really enjoyed that. Years before Mille Bornes.

Just to take you back the heater in the little cabin where we stayed was maybe a 2 ft by 3 ft glass panel in the floor with an lp burner underneath, then my sister did not know you had to light the pilot light on the stove to make it work, Big boom when she put a match to it, those were the days!

Still feel ripped of $1 to wash and wax my moms cousins big black Cadillac,

Is that the one where you could get a blow out but it was in French? Played it many times but could never remember the name.

You had a hole in the ground??? Wow, they just laid us on the pavement. :slight_smile:

Flats. Haven’t played it in years. per Random Troll, see wiki

You’d draw the blowout card and it was Kaflooy or something in French. It was funny and you didn’t want to get that card.

I kind of remember that… if I ever come across the game at a yard sale, I’ll get it. Toute suite.

List item

don’t know where list item came from.

Amazon has a more recent edition of the game up for sale

Don’t know if I’d have any takers to play with, but thanks!

well I see woody AND sue. so there is 2 players. LOL

Uh. Gee, I’ll have to find him- out in the woodshed! LOL

We’re pretty busy getting ready for winter, etc.