A radio blast from the past

I think that this ad is from Europe, circa early '50s.


I never had a hood ornament like that!

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I think this will be flagged. I need to consult a biologist though to grasp the full meaning.

It did bring back memories though of a couple former girl friends singing to me from across the street as I detailed the car for prom. Mom did not warn me of the female rath.


Remember a used car dealer tv commercial, it comes with a radio, even gets am, and free cordless cigarette lighter!

Great example of a classic advertisement poster from the 1950’s. A red spots car definitely attracts the ladies. The owner of the car better hold onto their wallet though … lol …

And for you kids out there, those duds were called pedal pushers. I don’t know why. Must have had something to do with riding a bike. All the girls then wore them. By the time I was a teen though, they were out of fashion.

I also recall that term, never understood, but Bing probably right, good pant design for riding a bicycle. I think they are a pretty good look. Maybe they remain already, and are called Capris pants now. Good pants for walking around the Italian isle of Capri? If so, that’s in the Campania region of Italy. Why is this important? B/c that word stumped me on a crossword puzzle recently … lol .

The cuffs are high and tight enough as to not get caught by the chain and sprocket.

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Heh heh. We had a picture on the wall that we bought when we were first married called moonlight over capris. I never really knew where it was and thought South Pacific or somewhere. Then went to Italy and dang if it wasn’t there. Geography. Too many dang islands.

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Not sure how out of date but capri pants seems to be the new term for pedal peddle petal whatever pushers.

Yeah I’m a little out of date. TSA told me to take everything out of my cargo pants. Didn’t know that’s what they were called. I thought they were just army pants with a lot of pockets. We should be required to go back to school for a refresher every so often.

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I I think I may need a lot of refreshing.