Dodger stratus 1999 power steering

I have a 1999 dodge stratus and so far I have replaced the tires, battery , fuel pump. I just purchased the car and when I turn the car from left to right it makes a whining sound. The steering is very tight. Does this mean my power steering unit is going? I am a little disenchanted since I bought this car.

Is the power steering fluid reservoir full? The noise may be from low fluid level (leak) or a failing pump.

It is perfectly normal to replace tires and battery immediately after purchasing a 12-year-old car (or any used car, for that matter). And a fuel pump can go at any time. None of these actions justifies disenchantment.

Have you inspected the power steering system at all? As Nevada has said, check the fluid level and inspect for leaks. Also check the condition of the belt. It is also conceivable your pump may be failing. Not surprising on a well-used car.

I just had the mechanic look at the car and he says nothing is wrong but everytime I drive i hear this crunching sound as it is the suspension or something.I thought it may be the pwer steering but sounds more like suspension. The mechanic says it is normal on the older vechicle

Your first post described a whining sound which is very different from a crunching sound. Which problem are you trying to deal with here?

I’m sorry. I thought it was the power steering. When I turn the wheel left or right it makes a crunching sound, like a lot of loos parts. The sound is from the driver side. I had the mechanic check it and he states not the wheel bearings or ball joint. He said the older cars creak but i never owned a car that creaked like this one.

Its either a bad CV joint or old dried up / worn out bushings or strut bearing plates. This is not unusual for a car this old.

If you want to, get a second opinion. Someone with the gumption may be able to pinpoint the location of the noise with some well placed shots of a spray lubricant. (This doesn’t fix it - its just a way to try to help find the noise).