Help Please

So i tried to call in couldnt get through so i thought I’d email you. I have a 1995 Toyota Camery. I let my niece use it while on xmas break when i went to go pick it up it made a clunking screetching sound as i tried to back it out of the parking lot. I found it difficult to turn the wheel as well. I had to get it home so i drove from Orlando to St Augustine. Weird thing is that once on the highway going 70mph i didnt hear the sound anymore. I thought it was ok. I stopped in Daytona for gas and as i pulled away that sound began agian. This lasted until i got to accelerated to about 50mph this time. I heard it again going through my neighborhood which is 25mph. It was very difficult to turn the wheel. My husband checked the power steering fluid which it was empty. He said hd gad filled it first of october. We put more in yet those sound still remain. I asked my niece if she noticed it she said mid December but forgot to mention it to us. What do you all think? We dont have alot of money to throw at this by paying the dealership their exam rates. If its something we can fix ourselves we will. Thank you

The power steering pump may have been damaged running it without fluid.

If fluid had to be added to the system it means there’s a leak somewhere.

One area to check for a leak is under the power steering pump where the hoses are routed. The return hose to the pump can rub on the sub-frame wearing a hole in the hose.


“If its something we can fix ourselves we will”

Can you give us some idea of the repair projects that you and/or your husband have undertaken successfully? Even if you haven’t previously worked on your CAMRY, experience with repairing other cars could be relevant.

In addition to the the power steering fluid level . . .

Has anybody bothered to check the power steering belt . . . ?!

This car does not have an automatic tensioner, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the belt is loose

It’s entirely possible the horrible noise was the belt slipping

The Screetching sound is Textbook LOOSE belt on the Power Steering Pump. If you have run the pump down and out of fluid…you need to find that leak first and then fill the system. Usually the pumps can survive this ordeal but there is a risk of pump failure due to no fluid but we can cross that bridge when we come to it… Either find the leak first or you may need to fill it up to find that leak…so either way… Fill the system…Tighten the PS pump belt and see what you get. The screetch should go away…if it does NOT…the pump may be locking up/binding and then causing the belt to slip.

After you fill the PS system with fluid you may notice a WHINING sound and the screetch sound has gone away. If you notice a whining noise it is from AIR in the PS Hydraulic system…it needs to be bled out… You do this by turning the steering wheel fully Lock to Lock…Left and Right…Check and refill the system after this bleed procedure as the fluid level can drop after this.

Let us know what you get…seems to be a nice n easy problem to repair.


I would suspect that the power steering pump seal is leaking which is saturating the belt with power steering fluid. The pump is down low at the back of the engine and it can be a bit awkward to access if you’re not real familiar with it.

You couldn’t get through because the program is no longer being produced and you are listening to repeated shows.
Find a good independent mechanic and save 50% from what the dealer was charging.
I always suggest asking 50 people…friends, family, co-workers, etc. …who they take their car to for repairs. Keep a running tally and in the end, whoever’s name was mentioned the most…use them, but keep the list of the top three names for future reference.