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Oil light blinking

My 1997 Chrysler Concorde has oil leaks, trying to keep car till this fall. When I am at a stop light or just sitting and idling, the oil light starts blinking and then stops and blinks again. As so as I give it some gas , it goes out. Someone said it may be the oil sending unit or the oil pump. Help! Older lady and don’t know what to do.

Are you keeping an eye on your oil level?? If you have leaks, and the oil level drops you can have a drop in pressure which would trigger the light. MAKE SURE Your level is OK… That is step one !!

Has anyone looked to see whether the oil pressure sensor is leaking? This will cause exactly that kind of thing.

Of course, watching the oil level, as gsragtop noted, is a must - so it could be low oil.

Or the oil level could be fine, and you could actually have an oil pressure problem. In this case, you might or might not make it to the fall.

Take the vehicle to a repair shop and tell them about the blinking oil light. They’ll remove the oil pressure sending unit and in it’s place install an accurate pressure gauge. Then they’ll start the engine and see if the oil pressure is within specs. If it is, then the blinking oil light is caused from a defective oil pressure sending unit.


I have the oil checked jsut about every week and it has been down a 1/2 quart because of leaks. Didn’t know of this site before today. Thank you for your answers, going to have them check the sending unit for sure.

If your oil pressure sending unit is leaking, replacing it should solve both of your problems at a very low cost. If cigroller hadn’t brought it up, I would have.