For Caller Elizabeth, Dodge Stratus


I’m writing because my Corolla had the same issues as your Dodge Stratus: it would just slip gears or completely shut down going over 45 on the highway, only it would happen during cold weather not hot weather. I mentioned this to a friend and he suggested looking up recalls for Toyota. I went to Toyota’s website and sure enough, there had been a recall on the Engine Control Module for my make/model. I called up the dealership, made an appointment and a few weeks later they fixed my car and I haven’t had an issue since. I was bracing myself for a couple thousand dollar repair. I hope that your issue is just that, an ECM malfuntion! Good luck!

@hamsteak–You should be aware that there are no new calls to the show, simply because of the retirement a couple of years ago of both Ray & Tom, and then the death of one of them last year. Every show that you hear is a compilation of phone calls and commentary that could have been recorded–perhaps–as long as 15 years ago, or as “recently” as approximately two years ago.

While your advice to “Elizabeth” is well intended, more than likely she got rid of that Dodge Stratus a long time ago.

Elizabeth may not even own the Corolla anymore.

The show has been in reruns for a few years now and what you listened to was a recording of a previously aired program.

It is mentioned a few times during the show!!!

Thanks for listening though.


Apparently Elizabeth owned a Dodge Stratus, and the OP is trying to apply a fix to the old Stratus that worked with his Corolla . No, I didn’t think that it made much sense either…