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2004 Dodge Stratus - Water on floor

I have recently given my 2004 Dodge Stratus RT coupe to my daughter because her Dodge v8 4wd truck was getting about 14 mpg. I had the RT for nearly 10 years and loved it. There is a strange problem with it that I would love to fix. It leaks water on to the drivers side floor front and rear. I thought about drilling holes in the floor but decided against that. I had all four sunroof drains checked…all clear. Next check was the AC condensate drain line…all clear. The floor stays damp most of the time and sometimes a wet dry vac is needed to get the water out. Also no cats or dogs have access to the vehicle. The water has no smell. I haven’t tested to see if it tastes bad but I suppose I could. The RT is such a fun car to drive, I hate to see my daughter get rid of it. Any ideas other than drilling holes as noted above?

Is there a sunroof? Here’s why.

Check your firewall rubber plugs,your door seals,the caulk around your windshield,rust holes under floorpan.Did your car ever had a recent windshield replacement?

Check the door drains. Pull the door cards off and see if thif re is water collecting inside the doors, front and rear, on the driver’s side.

I thought I mentioned that I had all four sunroof drain lines checked and they were clear.

Peter Boone

Might there be leaves plugging up the cowl area drain in front of the windshield?