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Dodge Shadow Problems

Hey everybody, new here. I usually work on Novas and older GM vehicles but I just bought a dodge shadow that needs some work. But I’m stumped on one thing. The turn signals don’t blink and the brake lights don’t work when the lights are on, but the third brake light is always on when the lights are on. I’ve checked all the light bulbs and replaced the flasher. I’ve got some experience on cars so I’d like to do this myself. Also, how hard is it to replace the water pump and harmonic balancer on these cars I’ve only worked on v-belt cars before.



If the car comes with the plastic cover in the right wheel well, you are going to enjoy working on it. Good thing it isn’t a Tempo with a bad timing chain. Good for Tempos that the timing chain usually lasts longer than the engine, if that is possible. Electric stuff relies heavily on a good ground to the body. My other advice would be to get rid of that bomb before it kills you. You will probably survive so go ahead, make its day.