Ford Freestyle: No Speedometer, No Shifting, ABS, SRS, Trac Lights On - No Com

I replaced throttle body twice. Sensors twice. Had tranny seal looked at twice but doubt anything was actually wrong but just for gp I did it. Now I have the wiring harness halfway off and ready to replace bc it’s so badly chewed through.
Thought it was some frozen oil on a sensor bc in winter car would not start until warmed up for twenty minutes. Then the cutting off when brakes engaged and the surging while brakes engaged and brake lights that stay on.
It screams ELECTRICAL!!
I am going this route then having my Ecu and Ecu reflashed. Had paid ford to do this bc it said it was a problem and had to have something replaced then flashed. Drive off lot and next two light I am stalled at light after engaging brakes.
Car has been sitting for four years now. I love it. I refuse to pass onto someone else so they can profit. Lol I’m just dumb like that. I but used cars all day from emotional basket cases. At a profit.
I’ve driven this car from Pennsylvania to Miami then back to Washington State then over to Virginia then back to Jacksonville then up to NY to Jacksonville back to NY down to Jacksonville where I left it bc I thought it drive in warmer weather. NOT TRUE!!!
The problem still exist.
Look for an electrical genius on this car and found him in Avoca, NY. I haven’t been to him but watched all his videos on my cars issues. Since finding this Master I’ve searched locally and found some online in my area. I will begin the phone calls and visits this week and hopefully they can get me in soon. I will update this post once my recovery process begins.
Wish me luck!