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Dodge Ram 3500

I have a 2000 dodge ram 3500 5.9L diesel. The check engine light has been coming on periodically and the engine code indicates that the error is due to the crank angle position sensor. According to the mechanic the engine should not start if this were the case. He clears the error and cant get the light to come back on. A few weeks later the same problem appears again. Last week the engine would not start on the first few tries (no check engine light) but then cranked (check engine light came on at this point). The check engine light was still on the next morning. Took it back and the same error code was found then cleared. Has not returned yet this week. What could be going on? Thanks for any help.

Don’t know much about it, but haow about cleaning the area of the senso off if it is accesible. Saw a GM product doing the same thing and it turnind out that the porblem was in the computer. The vehicle worked perfectly for the owner,so he left it like that.

Well sensors that intermittently fail are not unsual. I don’t know about that specific sensor, but it is a possibility. My guess is he is thinking it may have been a fluke, and it may have been and he is saving you some money. If it comes back, I would check the cost of replacing the sensor and then discuss options with the mechanic.