1994 dodge


I have a 1994 dodge ram 1500. Turns over good but does not fire.Check engine light does not come on.


does the light come on when you turn the key to the run position?


Do you regulars think it would do any good to post standard “crank no start” diagnostic procedures? So many examples of this condition. Or will people still post indidual questions without looking?


yes check the fuel gauge.

they will never look.

and if they do they wont find anything.(this site sucks for searching.) .

unless its spelled out,word for word.



No check engine light at all and fuel pump does not engauge when key is turned on. Also i can not get the truck to cummincate with my snapon code scanner. Fuel pump relay is good.


You first need to find out why the engine light is not lighting. Check the engine control fuse in the interior fusebox, then check for damaged wiring, esp. to the processor,the crank position sensor and the wires to the distributor.


check pwr(source voltage,and ground,to the ECU.

what scanner are you using? I get the snap-on,but what version,model ,so on and so forth?


It has good power and ground. The scanner is a mt2500 fast track troublershooter. I have hooked up this scanner to this truck in the past and it worked fine. Could it be the pcm and do you know how to check it in this situation.