Dodge ram 2500 wiper quit

my 2001 dodge ram wipers quit suddenly in the upmost position. Then restarted, went back down and immediately quit in the halfway up position, right in front of my face. Of course, it was raining. I pulled over, pushed them down by hand (no action from the wiper switch on any setting). Checked 25 amp fuse in the dashboard fusebox. That looked OK. Heard on a forum about the wiper relay (or relays, possibly?) under the hood. Bought a relay at NAPA for $10., replaced it; still no response. The only other odd thing is that about 3 times, the ABS light on the dash has flashed (for a second) but brakes are in top shape & all other electric lights/switches work fine. The windshield washer works fine. Any ideas?

My 2005 dodge 2500 wipers are starting to act up. Might be the wiper arm on the column