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Dodge problems

I have a 1996 3.3 dodge intrepid. I put the key in ignition and my dome lights come on and you can hear the dinging noise. However when I go to turn the key none of my dash lights are on and the car will not start or make any noise what’s so ever. I checked the battery, starter, ignition switch and relay and it still will not work. I noticed a fuse was blown so i changed it then went to start my car my dash lights came on but the car will not start and fuse keeps blowing.


What fuse keeps blowing?


What do you mean you checked the battery? What exactly did you do?

As Tester said - What Fuse?

Any fuse that keeps blowing tells me you have a short someplace.

I took the battery to a AutoZone place and had it tested and the fuse that keeps blowing is the ignition start run and acc. Fuse

Looking at the wiring diagram, it looks like you need an ignition switch.


I replaced the ignition switch

Is this what you replaced?,1996,intrepid,3.3l+v6,1091966,electrical-switch+&+relay,ignition+starter+switch,4700

Or is this what you replaced?,1996,intrepid,3.3l+v6,1091966,ignition,ignition+lock+cylinder,10041


The starter solenoid is shorted, I have replaced a few Mopar starters because of this. Unplug the starter solenoid wire from the starter and see if the fuse blows.

The first one not the cylinder