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1995 Dodge Intrepid intermittent no start

The car got to where it would sometimes not start so I took it to a reputable shop. They said the starter was bad, so $292 later it was supposedly fixed. Yesterday it did the same thing, no crank, no click when the key was turned. The dash lit up and went out when I turned the key. SO I took it back to the shop. They thought it had a bad rebuilt starter but decided instead that the ignition switch, which they had replaced six months ago for another issue, was “loose”. Said they tightened it, although I don’t know how one can tighten an ignition switch. Anyway, I took it home. Next time I got into it, it did the same thing, I remembered that my daughter had a Dodge Daytona about 20 years ago the she had to push up on the steering wheel to get it to start, Soooo, I pushed up on the steering wheel while I turned the key to start. Actually I kind of whacked it upward. It worked every time. I wish I’d remember that a week ago.

Is there a fix or adjustment for this situation? If I know what to adjust, I can probably figure out how to fix it without spending any more money with the mechanic who doesn’t appear to know what he’s doing.