Dodge Intrepid Headlights

How do I get the film off the inside of the headlamps and how do I prevent the water from accumulating from inside the headlamps?

Go Online And Find Replacement Headlight “Capsules” (It Includes The Lens, Reflector And Bulb Holder). Also, Check Those Against Local Prices.

In my opinion. that’s the only way to solve your problem. Those lenses are sealed to the rest of the capsule.

I own two Intrepids, one old style, and one new style. The headlights on the old style (93-97) are terrible even when new, although they did attempt to improve 96-97 and added some fog lights.

Newer Intrepids (98 and newer) have much better lighting, although when they age the headlight capsules deteriorate, as on many (most) cars used and parked outside in adverse conditions. Even screwed up, they work better than the old style.

What is the model year of your Intrepid?


Remove the bulb(s) and dry the accumulated moisture in whatever way you can. I’ve found that a hair dryer works well. You may have to remove the light assembly from the vehicle for better access.

Then you’ll have to seal the light assembly to keep water out. If you can figure out where it’s leaking.

I’ve had some lights that stayed dry after this process, and some that I’ve never been able to keep dry. Good luck.

It is a 1997, I have replaced both headlamps and within a month or two they always ge about an ounce or two of water. I actually removed the plugs on the sides of them to open them up and hopefully let them dry out, helped some but still get a lot of water. I hate spending any money (new headlamps were ~$175 each) on a car I hope to soon get rid of. Used headlamps are almost non-existent in this area because they break at the mounting screw so easily.