Dodge grandcaravans


I have had 2 grand caravans, a 2002 and a 2005, and both have had the same problem with flickering lights,both on the outside and interior.Now i have talked to many other owners of the grand caravans with the same problem, and as i have found out changing the alternator does not help. has anybody found a solution.


It could be poor/loose electrical grounds. There are many. Even power distribution connection(s) could be poor/loose. You could loosen and retighten every electrical connection bolt, screw, or nut you can find. A systematic search with an electrical multimeter would be more precise; but, who wants to be precise?


I’ll second that vote. Can’t help but notice that both of these vans are from the -Daimler-Chrysler era, and Mercedes is rather famous for electrical issues :wink:


I have had a '98 and still own a '02 Chrysler van and they haven’t had this problem.

I would first check the AC voltage across the battery using a digital meter. The voltage should be close to zero. If that is ok then check other fuse areas you suspect that may have a problem. You should be able to pick up the DC power variations using the AC function of the meter.