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Dodge Grand Caravan 2006 flashing lights

Dodge Grand Caravan headlights and flashers start to flash constantly when used at night. They wouldn’t stop until I took out the IOD fuse.

I only have the car for 14 more days, if I leave this fuse out will it allow me to drive at night without my lights flashing?

When it gets dark start the car and turn on the lights . Drive carefully around the block and you will have the answer.

Yeah I guess it’s the only way. But sometimes it doesn’t do it. Drove an hour in pitch black and it worked fine, drove 5 minutes yesterday and it happened

How could the IOD fuse stop the flashing?

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The Ignition Off Draw fuse is used to supply power to the computer, radio, etc… to keep the presets, memories alive when the ignition is off.

This fuse is located in the Totally Integrated Power Module.

This fuse shouldn’t effect the headlights. But the TIPM is known to cause all sorts of electrical problems in Chrysler vehicles.


Sounds like the Front Control Module is failing, a remanufactured FCM is about $300. Sometimes you can unplug and reconnect the FCM and get it to work for a while longer.