Dodge Durango rubbing tire sound



I own a 99 dodge durango rear wheel drive.

Last night as I was driving home, my left driver side wheel started making a rubbing sound. It only happened when I hit the gas, when I took my foot of or pressed the break the sound went away. Only when I hit the gas. When i got home I checked the wheel well and nothing was touching the tire. Ideas?



Get it checked. It’s impossible to tell from here, but since it only seems to be happening when accelerating it could be an exhaust leak.


That noise can come from a transmission too. If you can hear it in parking lots, you might need help.


Thanks, It just happened all of the sudden and now it is fairly consistent while I drive. I have an appointment on Thursday to get it checked. The car seems to run great besides this sound. I don’t here it in park only while driving and sometimes while coasting. But I hit the break it goes away.


Today I checked my power steering since I noticed the sound seems to also be affected when I am going slower and turning the wheel. My fluid was nearly empty. So filled it up and it seemed to help a little. Any other ideas.