When I hit the gas it feels like I'm driving over rumble strips

I have a 02 durango. Yesterday once i was accelerating over 30 it started feeling like i was driving over rumble strips a little. It felt like it was towards the back. I drove 15 miles to the store and back. On the way home it died down and went away. Today I started driving to town and it is doing it at all speeds. The vibration doesn’t seem to change with speed but is much more intense. Only happens when I give it gas. I have searched many forums and not sure where to start any ideas? I’ve read everything from torque converter to solonoids to u-joints, axle bearings, engine problems, or a bad differential.

A competent mechanic can figure this out, best cheapest hope is a u joint, Did you want to check it out or repair yourself?

Repair myself. Drive shaft is tight, fluids are good (diff, tranny, and transfer) , and bearings are good. That’s as far as i got today. Since it only happens when i hit the gas I’m gonna drop the drive shaft tomorrow put it in four wheel and take it for a drive to rule out the rear differential. That is a little clunky but don’t think that’s the problem. Then the focus will be transfer case and transmission. It’s a weird symptom I have never dealt with. It’s very abrupt repetitive and mechanical feel.

Sounds like front inner CV joint(s).

Had a friend with a similar problem, 2wd, ended up being a harmonic balancer.

Check the motor mounts too.