2007 Pontiac G6 - Rubbing sound - Any guesses?

I was just getting home when a rubbing sound started from the front driver side. So I parked the car and this morning I tried to leave and the same rubbing round from the front driver side when I try to leave

First guess: wheel bearing

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Not likely to go away over night. Could be a brake dragging, the plastic wheel cover loose, bearing, or who knows? Someone will need to crawl under and take a look or get it in the air to check. I once had some brush caught underneath the car after hauling a load to the compost site so just going to have to take a look.

What are you going to do if we guess right? Fix it or ignore it?

Tell you what, either jack the car up and take a look yourself or have a shop do it and come back and tell us what it was.

It could even be something as simple as the plastic fender liner coming into contact with the tire, but from afar, none of us can diagnose this with any accuracy.