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Noise in dashboard drivers side area

A rubbing sound that began with lower temps (winter here). It occurs when going over bumps - even small. Does not occur at highway speeds. Gets quite loud. Does not have to do with steering or heat as far as I can determine. Some times does not occur at all. Don’t know if any relation, but recently the dome light is coming on when coming to a complete stop.

Maybe you’ve got something – dirt or leaves or such – stuck in the heating vents, and you are hearing it bounce around when you go over bumps. That would explain the relationship to cold temps, since when you turn the heater fan on it blows the stuff around so then it will be nice and fluffy and ready to move and make a noise on the next bump. Besides that, someone will have to look up under the dash to see if anything is amiss. I’d start by looking in the pedal area, as that area gets the most action. Maybe a spring or clip or something has come off something, like a clutch pedal return spring, and that is what you hear rubbing. Some experimentation is probably going to be required. Best of luck.