Dodge Durango 2006 with 33000 miles

I’m driving along about 25mhp and hit the brake and then it dies. What might be the problem? I have taken the car to the dealer and they think I’m nuts that this happens, but it still happens. Can you help ME>>>.

You need to get more of the circumstances of the event(s). Does it happen at any other speed or time? Does it only happen after the engine is fully heated up, or does engine temperature not matter? How frequently does it happen? Can you induce the problem? If the truck is sitting still, can you make the engine rpm go to about 1200 rpm, in drive, foot on brake, and does it happen? If you do this, and your foot is NOT on the brake (a block of wood under the wheels and the handbrake set), will it die? When the engine dies, is the engine rpm 1,000+, or does the engine rpm fall to idle rpm (about 600) and some dash lights come on and, then, the engine dies? … Did your wonderful dealer have one of his mechanics drive the truck?